An Introduction To Addiction

An Introduction To Addiction.

Beginning Tuesday 4th September @7pm – and continuing for 5 weeks each Tuesday evening.

Throughout the course we will look at and discuss the various different addictions right across the board – drugs / alcohol / gambling / sex / food etc….)

The course will also look at the pharmacology or make-up of drugs, it will touch on our attitudes in Ireland towards drugs and alcohol in particular.

The course will also look at the various different interventions used and it will provide the relevant information and signposting towards the appropriate services.

Course will be delivered by Martin Mac (MBACP Integrative Counselling) and by Shane K. Both Martin and Shane also hold a Diploma in Drug & Alcohol Studies from the University of Limerick. Both are in long term Recovery themselves and they will bring valuable knowledge and insight to the course.

Anyone interested please contact the Club – places are limited and an interview will be held to determine suitability.

Limits of Confidentiality Apply.

A minimal charge will apply to cover costs.

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