Good Luck & Farewell To Our Good Friend Denis

Shane (Club Chairperson) & Martin Mac (Club Administrator) presenting Denis (centre)with a lovely hand crafted mirror displaying the Club Motto – “If you want to know the road ahead – Just ask those coming back” etched above a group photograph which was taken on our visit with Mary McAleese at Aras An Uachtarin last year.

The Friends Of Bill W Club Donegal say Good Luck & Farewell to our very good friend Denis who, with his lovely wife are moving back to the United States very shortly.

Thank you Denis for being such a fantastic member of the Friends of Bill W Club and for bringing your knowledge and wisdom to all of us.
Thank you for volunteering your time to facilitate at the Club rooms each week, your contribution was immense and will never be forgotten.
In recognition of your wonderful contribution and loyalty the Club would like to bestow upon you the honour of being our very first Lifetime Honorary Patron – Richly Deserved

Just to let you know also that a few of the Club members are already discussing and planning a visit to the US next year….there’s no getting away !!

“If You Want To Know The Road Ahead – Just Ask Those Coming Back”

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