Funding Needed To Move Forward

The Friends of Bill W Club Donegal are fast approaching their third birthday in Donegal Town and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the Club to date. Plans are afoot to mark the occasion at the beginning of May. The Club has had a very positive impact on the recovery and wider communities in Donegal since its inception back in 2010. It is hoped that the Club can move forward and develop further but their are no guarantees at present. The Club continues to provide voluntary peer led support six days per week with minimum help from the statutory sector. Essential day to day running costs such as heating, lighting, phone, insurance etc…) have to be paid and this can be extremely difficult without any source or stream of income. The Club would be very grateful for any support offered particularly from our local public representatives at this time. There was never greater need for a service such as the FOBW Club and we all hope that it can continue to work for the people most affected by addiction in Donegal.

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