The Story So Far

Registered Charity

In September 2010 the Club recieved a one off National Lottery Grant.
This grant allowed the Club some much needed breathing space at the time.
It is imperative that the Club source further funding to maintain and develop the work to date.
Since opening its doors the Club has grown steadily in stature and has now become firmly established in its prime location just overlooking the Diamond

The warm and hospitable welcome offered on arrival adds greatly to the relaxed coffee shop atmosphere of the Club.

The diversity of people using the Club represents and reflects many of the problems and addictions which the people of Donegal are now experiencing.

Current statistics for the Club show us that the age range of people using the facility runs from 19 upwards with gender slightly favouring males. Geographical spread is very interesting and encompasses most if not all of Co. Donegal. On average 15 people per day sign in on the guest book. Conscious of peoples right to privacy and anonymity we respect those who choose not to sign the register.

Testimonies to date of some of the people using the club would suggest that the Friends of Bill W Club has brought about some very significant and in some cases life saving changes for them.

Active addiction adversely affects on average 12 other people who are in close proximity to that person, likewise recovery can be equally as contagious. Concerned others, family, friends and employers alike have all experienced the benefits of the clubs activities to date.

Funding and Finance

The Friends of Bill W Club Donegal is a registered company under guarantee and a registered charity.

Since opening the Club has had very limited funding and has in most part been dependent entirely on the goodwill and generosity of a few dedicated people.

Recently the Club received some much needed national lottery funding. This timely piece of funding has been welcomed because it has helped to secure the clubs future in the immediate and short term.

It is hoped that The Friends of Bill W Club can move forward positively from here to attract some further much needed assistance.

Financial support at this time would allow the work that has begun to continue, it would also allow the Club the opportunity to initiate phase two of its development and move forward with the recovery program it has planned.

It is hoped that our new website will raise awareness around the Club and its activities. It is also hoped that it will greatly encourage the people of Donegal and beyond to lend their support to this very worthwhile project.

It is also hoped to develop the website further to make it more accessible and interactive.

Web Site Launch
Thi website was officially launched in March 2011. See Donegal Post article…

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